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In collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages, MY FOUNDATION enables businesses and philanthropists to support a particular village community or SOS project directly, that alignes with your or your company’s passion and values.

MY FOUNDATION furthermore regularly raises money for specific causes.

We hope you will join our movement, and help us make a difference.

Support vulnerable children and young people in Kenya ❤

In collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages, MY FOUNDATION invites you to support vulnerable children and youth in Kenya.


Homes for children without parental care

Every child has the right to a loving home. Children who have lost parental care get a safe and caring upbringing in a SOS children’s village community with a SOS-mother and SOS-siblings.

For 6,000 USD you can give a child a safe and caring upbringing in a SOS family for one whole year.


Nutritious meals

No child can thrive without having their basic needs met. A balanced nutrition is paramount to healthy development and children’s ability to grow and learn.

For 8,000 USD you can ensure one SOS family with 10 children and one SOS mother sufficient and healthy food for two years.


Life-changing education

Education is the fastest way to break free of poverty, and key in helping vulnerable youth create a sustainable future – for themselves and for their country.

For 7,000 USD you can ensure 10 young people university education for one year.


Micro loans for young entrepreneurs

Young people have what it takes to change the world – they just need the right support. Young entrepreneurs can come a long way with a micro loan that enables them to start a business.

For 8,000 USD you can provide a micro loan to 10 young people to start an income generating venture.




Contact Kathrine Schmidt from SOS Children’s Villages if you wish to support.

+45 8833 0255 //