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Child psychologists help reduce children's trauma

SOS Children's Villages' child psychologist Oksana teaches children in Brovary near Kyiv how to hide and protect themselves in case of an attack.

To minimize the children's mental traumas Oksana turns the lessons into an educational game.

The situation in Ukraine in general is highly uncertain, dangerous, and hard to predict. Nevertheless, SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine works around the clock to care for children, youths, and adults under their responsibility – and to reach as many more vulnerable children and families as possible.

The SOS staff in Ukraine are not just capable caregivers for children – they are also strong social workers and psychologists, belonging to a well-organized, professional organization that has supported vulnerable families and youths for decades and treated numerous children traumatized by the conflict. Therefore, SOS Children’s Villages are extraordinarily well-placed to quickly and effectively launch and ramp up a large emergency response targeting children and fragile families affected by war – through being able to provide all essentials like food, water, and clothing to psychosocial assistance.